Destination Wedding Photography in Zante

I’ve visited quite a few Greek islands but Zakinthos (Zante) is by far my favourite. My wife and I went there for our honeymoon and on the 3rd night we visited a restaurant we loved so much we went back night after night. The food was incredible and the people working there were like old friends. Panagiotis owned the restaurant and when we returned 2 years later he remembered us, took us out for desert at 2am and told us all the best places to visit on the island. That was back in 2006 and we’ve been back every year since bar one, we’ve explored the island and yet still find new things every time we’re there. In 2016 Panagiotis introduced us to Lamprini, in 2017 they were starting to plan their wedding and I was absolutely honoured that they asked me to be their photographer. The wedding was in April when flights were limited so we had to go via Athens, drive 4 hours to a small ferry port and hop across to the island. We arrived on the Wednesday and, of course, there was a 24 hour national strike of ferry crews. It was extended a further 24 hours so it wasn’t until Friday morning that we finally arrived on the island, the day before the wedding.

A Greek wedding is very different to a typical British wedding. It’s in the evening, there’s no seating, the priests sing everything and after the ceremony it’s off to the reception to eat and then dance till you drop. Ballroom dancing is very popular in the island and Lamprini’s dress held a secret surprise. After their first dance which was a simple shuffle around Panagiotis unhooked the what was actually a skirt and Lamprini spun away to reveal a shorter dress before they danced an incredible tango.. It was a lot of fun and the next day Panagiotis and Lamprini got dressed up again and we spent the day visiting some of their favourite spots on the island for photos including recreating the skirt/dress reveal moment. It was amazing to have such an opportunity and something I will cherish for all time. We were back on the island in July for my mid-season break which meant I could deliver their beautiful Folio wedding album in person, happy times.

Here’s some of the highlights.