The Pre-Shoot

Pre-shoots are great way to help a couple understand the process of wedding photography. They are also incredibly useful in finding out how a couple interact with each other as they’re pushed to be romantic, fun, serious, cheeky and so on. Some of these they go with and some they resist, try to make a couple be romantic when they don’t want to be and you end up with awkward looking images that lack exactly the emotion needed. The process reveals what kind of direction is needed for a couple on the wedding day to get shots that show their real personalities and emotions. It’s also a big time saver on the wedding day meaning the couple spends less time with the photographer and more time with their guests.

The pre-shoot is also a great opportunity for the couple to learn some tricks and techniques like how to get the best kissing shot (more on that below) and how a little direction can turn a good shot into a great one.

The pre-shoot typically lasts around 30 minutes but can be upgraded (please ask for details) to last 2 hours with the chance to change location and clothes. The location can be chosen by the couple or suggestions can be made but really we’re spoilt for choice in the South West with some beautiful countryside on our doorstep.

People are often worried because they’re camera shy or feel awkward in front of the camera but part of the pre-shoot will be playing some simple games designed to get you interacting with each other and forget all about the guy with the camera. At the end couples feel much more confident about their photos on the wedding day because they know how much fun it will be.

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