Sun + Sunflowers

Back in April I was shooting the wedding of Hope and Stan at the lovely Sheppy's Cider near Wellington. Despina and Tristan were two of their guests and joked they ought to get used to being photographed as they were getting married in August. I cheekily asked if they'd found their photographer yet, they hadn't but said their wedding was going to be on their farm in the South of France. I gave them a card.

After seeing the photos from Hope and Stan's wedding Despina got in touch and asked me to quote for their wedding. Logistically it was tricky, I had a UK wedding the day before and a wedding in Ibiza 2 days after but the planning gods were with me and I managed to book and re-arrange my flights. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was able to make it work.

Despina and Tristan's farm is actually for growing flowers commercially, set in beautiful countryside with a canal running alongside and a stone's throw from the coast. Idyllic doesn't even begin to describe it! I arrived a few hours before the ceremony to capture all the hard work of their family and friends helping prepare for the ceremony and evening celebrations.

Taking advantage of their location Despina & Tristan chose to start their wedding with a short boat trip along the canal, each piloting a boat and bringing the bridesmaids and groomsmen with them. Once docked there was a short walk along the canal onto their property for a wonderful relaxed blessing with some great readings from their friends and family.

The timing was perfect and we spent a few minutes getting some amazing golden hour shots amongst the sunflowers they'd grown before everyone celebrated late into the night.



“Satisfied 100%, our wedding pictures look absolutely amazing! Andy is not only an amazing photographer with an artistic eye but also very professional and a great person. We wanted our wedding day to be light and fun and he contributed to the vibe with his humour and fun attitude. For the group photos he easily coordinated people speaking 3 different languages to stand for him, while the rest of the evening he was so discreet that we haven’t really noticed him taking the pictures.”